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3rd August 2015

I was at hannahstown on Saturday night for the Sarsfields/Randalstown game and the glenavy/aghagallon game- just want to mention the referees, I thought both refs were first class and got all the big decisions spot on. too often the referees are the talking points in club games, but credit where credits due on this occasion.

Thank you for positive comments. Referees are the first to tell you they don't get everything right but they can't be done without.

Reserve Player

3rd August 2015

Reserve cup semi final and final are down for 8th and 15th of august as per draws at county meeting. Can you confirm this please. I am a reserve player and arranged my holidays around this. Our secretary has no official confirmation of this yet and they are not listed in this weeks fixtures. I think the draw was Bcastle/St Galls v Loughguile Dunloy/Cdall v Pferry. A response would be appreciated

Loughgiel v Ballycastle game is this Friday in Loughgiel and the second semi is also due this weekend. The final is fixed for the following weekend and I have been informed that that is still the plan.

Who cares?

3rd August 2015

We in Antrim know what it is like to suffer hammering in the hurling. It kills off the supporter following, confidence,appeal of the game to young people . It leaves us where we are.- struggling. Don't think GAA HQ cares?

They will tell you that they do care and make changes to help the counties that struggle.

Junior Hurler

3rd August 2015

Hey was wondering if theres any master fixtures that tell you when the championsip dates are.

under Resources in the Fixture fil

Long Lost Gael

2nd August 2015

Anyone able to clarify a rule I was informed of that if you haven't played in over 3 years, or very long time as is the case, there is no need for transfers and you can register with a club? Last time played over 10 years ago in another county for a club either now non existant or has immalgamated.

When moving club a transfer is always required.


2nd August 2015

Is there any way of finding out what dates/weekends/venues hurling championship games will be on for JHC, IHC and SHC? Would like to know early in order to plan around these games.


30th July 2015

was checking league tables and was wondering how ST Galls hurlers in div 1 who have won 3 games are only sitting on 2 points could you explain please thanks

Comment cannot be made on this as it could be an issue for appeal by the club.

Stgalls fan

29th July 2015

Is there a season ticket for the championship matches this year??

Paul Barr

29th July 2015

Could we ask that all patrons attending the Senior Football Cship game between Lamh Dhearg and St Johns on Friday night at Sarsfields, respect our local residents and not to park across driveways.


29th July 2015

Its the short one line response to the likes of "Head in the Sand" that make people feel totally detached from our county board. Are you blind to that reality or does it suit better that way?

Certainly not blind and voluntarily working for this county gives you a good grasp of reality.


28th July 2015

Where can find fixtures and permutations for championship games. Was a copy of draws on old website but not carried over? GRMA

These can still be found under Resources on the new site.

Don't stop at u16

28th July 2015

I presume that because you have now decided that u16s go free into championship matches,it is fair to assume that over 16s pay full whack? It is my opinion that it is even more important to encourage the 16-18 year old age bracket to come along to these matches. I would have thought that as a " minor" you would still be classified as a " juvenile" member of the association. Most of the guys in this age group I presume are still at school( not students at college). There was confusion about this same issue earlier in year during inter county league matches and I know for sure that many young fellows were deterred from going to the matches in Armoy and Ballycastle because of the cost. So, can you please clarify at what age does a member become an adult according to GAA rules and is 16 just an arbitrary cut off point decided by officials within each county. As an aside ,I had the misfortune of being asked to " do the gate"at a Schools match earlier in the year and I can assure you that there was much consternation and disappointment that schoolchildren were being asked to pay into a game. I think it is reasonable to suggest that you try and offer some concession to minor members and encourage them to get out and support our games. Thank you.

U16 is the age used by both Ulster and GAA in Croke Pk for concessions and the age used by the majority of counties.


28th July 2015

If we were on an upward trajectory we could probably consider some type of family package of entry charges. But we are not there. How many of our Under 16s have these people ever met ? How many of our U16s know who lead our County? I guess very few . And if it was a collective decision of some committee then let us know. I am all for Antrim but the future are our children and this reflects horribly on what is all about money. Some see no further than money, money, money...

It cannot always be about money. The original decision was very quickly changed after further discussion.


27th July 2015

I take it the U turn on the U16 charging is a result of the flurry of criticism. If that is so - then it might be useful to give more transparency to other decisions so that they can be proofed for sensibility by GAA folk.

The change was not due to the criticism. It was the right decision to take. I agree that transparency is the ideal.

Heads in the sand

27th July 2015

What is charging £2 for u16s going to do for the promotion of hurling in Antrim? At a time when sentiments towards Antrim hurling are arguably at an all-time low we should be doing everything possible to try and encourage more youngsters to attend games and support their local heroes. In a few weeks time you can take your child to Croke Park and watch the All-Ireland semi-finals for €5 or £3.55 at current rates. This is an 82,000 seated, covered stadium with world class facilities, a million miles from any ground in Antrim. Parents take children to/from training and matches all year racking up hundreds of miles in the process and spend a substantial amount of money buying sticks, helmets, gear etc. They are more than happy to do so but surely the county board should acknowledge this effort and treat large families with some respect. A large family could attend 2/3 separate games in one weekend in both codes, add this up over championship season and it becomes a serious expense for parents. Can I ask who makes these decisions and what interest do they have in promoting Antrim GAA beyond topping up the bank balance???

U16's can go to championship games free.