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Saffron Business Forum

Saffron Business Forum

The Saffron Business Forum facilitates Businesses local or national with an affinity to Antrim GAA with a forum to promote their business interests and gain access to a wider market by association with a large sporting organisation.

The Saffron Business Forum will promote business between its members and others through networking, business referrals and social media. It represents the interests of the business sector at local and national level. It is a key stakeholder in promoting and maximising economic development for Members and Associates.

At each session we will have a guest speaker from the world of Business or Local Government. The forum will meet 4 times a year, one time each quarter.

Members and Associates include:

  • Antrim GAA Corporate & Commercial Sponsors
  • Other Corporate and Commercial Business representatives
  • Antrim GAA Patrons
  • Local Businesses and SME's

Benefits of Membership include

  • Networking opportunities
  • Business Referrals
  • Business Information Seminars & Workshops
  • Marketing and Promotional Initiatives
  • Representation and Lobbying
  • Antrim Championship pass

If you would like to join the Saffron Business Forum please email

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