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17th July 2015

What is the punishment if a team fails to field in a minor league game

Every case is treated on its merit but usually a £100 fine plus a deduction of 1point and award of match to the opposition.


12th July 2015

wondering if it would be possible to have a history of intermediate hurling winners published in the our county secction along with the senior winners......even if it was only from 70s or early 80s as it would be nice to see if there was a pattern like previous senior winners.......thanks......

Will make the effort to have this included

Cóilín Duffy

11th July 2015

Well done to Martin, Conor and John and all in Antrim GAA on the new website. A website is only as good as the frequency of updated content, so hopefully you'll be bombarding people with information to keep them coming back. Looking forward to logging in plenty over the coming years. All the best to everyone involved with Antrim GAA.


10th July 2015

Good luck to our hurlers on Sunday - nothing worse than the outcome of a game being predictable / foregone conclusion. So we are faced with the opposite on Sunday - makes it interesting and so I'll be there!

Paul Tracy

10th July 2015

Were the dates and venues for upcoming Senior Football Championship agreed last night?

  • prelim games set. Club Secretaries will be informed in the next few days.
Frankie McKay

10th July 2015

Finally a website that isn't outdated in form, content and detail. Keep it current, updated and keep people coming back.

Paul Barr

10th July 2015

Great new website folks and well done to those involved in building it.

John Hughes

10th July 2015

Well done to all involved with the new website. The old one was in bad need of an overhaul and this looks class from start to finish, great job lads!

Club player

10th July 2015

Was a date agreed last night for upcoming club championship games?

Dates and venues were set for Preliminary games. Club Secretaries will be notified in the next few days.

Terry Cormican

10th July 2015

The new look website looks great. Well Done to all who made this possible

Alex Trainor

10th July 2015

Love the new look website. Well Done.


10th July 2015

The public process of inquiry and accountability that now exists in our political set up must teach us all valuable lessons about doing the right thing in the right way is the best policy. Certain principles and values are in the long run the best policy - is this not also at the core of good sportsmanship? The public transparency has ramifications for many facets of doing business. Difficulty in doing business behind closed doors.


9th July 2015

Was dates and venues etc decided for preliminary round senior football championship games at last nights meeting?

yes club secretaries will be informed over the next few days.


9th July 2015

Love the sentiments from St Malachy's Club - it is heartening to hear Antrim GAA people wish and work to achieve what is possible.

Well done

9th July 2015

Good clear website ! Well done