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Premier Electrics

Premier Electrics Limited ( are an award winning business focused on delivering electrical fit-out and maintenance projects for clients in the retail, leisure, industrial and commercial sectors. At Premier Electrics we provide a range of in-house services including design, fit-out, commissioning and maintenance all delivered by a highly skilled and qualified team. Since 1993 Premier Electrics has established an excellent reputation throughout UK, Ireland and Europe and has delivered in excess of 1000 projects over the last 20 years in countries including France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, The Netherlands, Austria and Belgium. Premier Electrics are a progressive company who are committed to providing an excellent service to our client base. We constantly strive to produce superior quality and service in a constantly changing and competitive market place. We see our professionalism as a key ethic in our approach. To understand more about Premier Electrics please contact John Martin on ; 028 7938 6849