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Fibrus is transforming the digital infrastructure of rural and regional areas of the UK, by investing in excess of £500m to bring full fibre broadband to homes and businesses in towns, villages across Northern Ireland and Northern England.

With switch to full fibre broadband is underway and Fibrus has a single focus, building what is now the critical infrastructure of the 21st Century. For years phone and TV companies have run slow copper phone networks into their customers’ premises, and called that fibre broadband. Fibrus is a “Full Fibre” broadband company meaning that we only use a full fibreoptic cable all the way to the premises creating a quality and reliability that cannot be achieved any other way. Full fibre broadband is the “mains electricity” of the 21st Century.

The company was founded and launched in September 2018 by Conal Henry (Chair) and Dominic Kearns (CEO) securing the backing of Infracapital (M&G Investments) in July 2019. Fibrus is now controlled by Infracapital, a leading infrastructure investor which has a strong track-record in delivering, owning and managing investments in full fibre broadband projects.

Already passing 150,000 homes across Cumbria and all six counties in Northern Ireland – Fibrus will grow to 250,000 homes passed by March 2023. The company is positioned to lead the expansion of full fibre into our rural and regional areas.