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7th August 2015

Have we ( Antrim GAA) many personnel involved with the Casement project?

Yes Antrim GAA are represented

Out of puff Whistler fun

7th August 2015

A few misconception of rules to look out for amongst me and my colleagues. Just to show ref's can have laugh at themselves as well. 1 If any team breaks a deadlock by scoring as time runs out, the referee shall give the losing side a chance to square the match. Should the winning team gain possession from the puck/ kick-out, it is okay to blow the full-time whistle. But it is seen as considered bad form to end the match if the losing side has the ball. 2 It is, of course, a foul for a player going up for a high ball to knee an opposing player in the back or elbow them in the face . . . unless they catch it. Then, well, fair play. 3 player is not fouling the ball if an opposing player is fouling them at the same time. Therefore, a referee will not start counting steps a player takes with the ball in hand until the opposing player has let go of their jersey. 3A Subsection to the above rule: The more likely a player is to score a goal, the more steps the referee will allow them to take with ball in hand. 4 One-on-one fights are the responsibility of the referee. However anything involving more than two or three players can be construed as a melee and the referee only has to note its occurrence for a later committee. 5 The only thing on the ref’s mind when throwing in a sliotar is not getting hit himself. Where it goes, or who else gets hit, is not his problem. 6 Players should try not to get on the wrong side of the umpires. Apart from them possibly having to make a 50-50 call later in the game, one of them is probably the referee’s lift home. 7 Umpires can change their minds at any time. They may for example, put their hand up to draw the referee’s attention to an off-the-ball incident . However, if the referee doesn’t notice the signal inside a minute, it’s perfectly acceptable to put their arm down and forget the incident ever happened. 8 If the crowd loudly complains that a free-taker has stolen a few extra yards before placing the ball, the referee will insist the player retreats even if he didn’t see it happen. GAA referee’s trust the crowd more than the player. 9 After awarding a free, the ref may bring the ball forward 13 metres for dissent. However, no referee is expected to know how far 13 metres is – anywhere between five metres and half the length of the pitch is considered acceptable. Unlike soccer, no magic spray needed. 10 A referee is legally obliged to play at least one minute of injury time. A rule of thumb is – one minute of added time if there have no been stoppages; two minutes if there has been anything up to 10 minutes of hold-ups during the half; and three minutes if the game had to be held up because there was an ambulance on the pitch earlier.

Alternative Rule Book. Not unknown to happen.

South Antrim GAA

7th August 2015

GAA totally vindicated A report into the planned new stadium at Casement Park in Belfast has recommended the replacement of senior figures from key posts in the project. This includes stadium safety expert Paul Scott. The Cabinet Office report found relations behind the scenes were "broken", and it would be at least another year before another planning application could be submitted. However, the authors said that a new stadium was still "achievable". They said the overall business case "remains sound". The report was commissioned after Mr Scott told a Stormont committee in April that the emergency-exiting arrangements in the proposed 38,000-capacity stadium were flawed. However, the report has recommended that he be replaced as chair of the Safety Technical Group overseeing the Casement project. The report has called for other personnel changes: a new full-time 'senior responsible owner' for Casement to replace the senior civil servant Cynthia Smith, who does the job as part of her wider duties as deputy permanent secretary in the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure a new project leader to be appointed by the GAA Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has indicated she will implement all of the recommended changes. She said a key finding that the stadium is still achievable was welcome and provided clarity.. 'Resolve issues' The report stated: "Relationships between the key stakeholders are broken. "We believe the use of an independent mediator will be needed to reset working relationships." Work on the stadium was supposed to start this year but planning permission was overturned in December 2014. The report stated: "The Casement Park project is behind schedule and has to address two key issues before it can make progress. "It needs to find a way to resolve issues raised with the proposed emergency-exiting arrangements for the stadium. "It also needs to reapply for and achieve planning permission." The report also included a "delivery confidence assessment" that is based on traffic lights, with green being the highest rating. Casement is rated "amber/red". Although the report recommends that Mr Scott be replaced as chair of the safety technical group, that does not mean he cannot continue to sit on the group. The report says his replacement will need mediation and facilitation skills "rather than technical knowledge".


7th August 2015

Is the report of today seen as a help to progress the Casement project?

It was posted to inform. It demonstrates that the project is alive and it gives direction on how to progress.

Love of the game

6th August 2015

There are lots of views and maybe some despondency on where we are in regards hurling in Antrim. If we think of our shared 'love of the game' that would unite us in a special way. We have what we have because others sacrificed time and effort to hand on a very special game. The gift to hurl is ours in our time to pass on. The love for the game should transcend individualism, parochialism or whatever?


6th August 2015

Interesting to see the down county board prices for their championship games in todays paper. They seem to be quite a bit more expensive than ours. Are we too cheap?

No. It is not our business what other counties do.

Saffron Duck

6th August 2015

Well done to Chris Kerr being nominated for an Ulster all star well deserved, we have been under represented since the glory days of the baker. Hope all supporters take the time to vote.

Fully deserved


6th August 2015

According to News report today we need people with energy and vision in the County Board! Yet he signs off by "Every road you look down is a disaster". Is that visionary, inspirational or what?

Energy and vision is required. Why not walk down the 'disaster road' and make a plan to change it? Solutions not problems is the way forwar


5th August 2015

When will notification be given to clubs to submit nominations for County hurling manager?

There is a County Committee meeting before the end of August and no doubt the issue of county managers will be on the agenda.

Club Man

5th August 2015

Great to see championship fixtures released in advance, but have the host clubs been contacted about the use of their pitches?

Clubs are notified that their pitches will be use


5th August 2015

See details - dates-venues-times etc of all champioship games except senior hurling. When will these be posted. Ta

As stated on the post with the championship fixtures they will be arranged next Monday after this weekends games.


5th August 2015

Well done to all involved in the development of the new website - great structure, well designed, informative and timely information being provided and pleasing to the eye. Often the standard of Antrim GAA activity and organisation is criticised and rightly so but if all our endeavours matched the quality of the website we'd be in great shape. Small step in the right direction but a very impressive one. Well done again.


5th August 2015

Do our GAA games in Belfast still have an appeal to the communities in which they play? Not sure if the few games that I have seen are representative of attendances but so few people were there as supporters. Maybe right - maybe wrong but within a catchment of tens of thousands of potential supporters there was literally just a couple of handfuls of supporters? Would love to hear that it is different.


5th August 2015

Is there an already agreed procedure for the appointment of managers of County teams within Antrim? Is this public knowledge? Otherwise we probably will have a flurry of press articles that will do little good.

Clubs are asked for nominations. Those nominated are interviewed


4th August 2015

Over the years that we have used outside managers have we improved the capability of others to a standard that they are capable of taking over the reins now? Was that part of the strategy / plan? If we haven't then we need concerted effort to up standard of coaches and potential pool of candidates for management of our County teams?