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5th anniversary event of the inspirational Michaela Foundation held in the Belfast City Hall

17th February 2016


The Michaela Foundation is inspired by the life of Michaela McAreavey nee Harte. It runs summer camps and other initiatives for young people that encourage the practice of all the values Michaela, her family and friends hold dear.

The mission of Michaela Foundation is to promote our core values through each and every activity they operate.

Michaela Foundation Core Values

Our core values are as follows;

  • Irish – The love of Irish language and cultural identity
  • Faith – The development of trust and a relationship with God who loves us dearly.
  • Fun – Having fun throughout our life!
  • Well-Being – Looking after our mental and physical self and that of others
  • Fashion – An expression of our creativity and artistic self.

Give a little, gain a lot!

Are you interested in volunteering a week of your time this summer? Are you interested in forming new friendships, developing your interpersonal skills, sharing your talents and giving something back to your community?

Whilst volunteering at a Michaela Foundation Girls Summer Camp allows you to make a real difference to the lives of the Campettes, volunteers get a lot out of the experience too. So, if you’re interested in inspiring young people, having fun and enhancing your own skill set, then apply to volunteer at the Antrim Camp. In the past, we have been oversubscribed with applications. Therefore, we would encourage anyone interested to apply as soon as possible and to ensure that their personality shines through their application form.

th-8th July and you must be 17 years old to apply to volunteer. Any questions please contact

To find out more about the specific roles available at camp:

To apply to be a volunteer:

Congratulations on your successful event tonight in the city hall guys! #EnrichingTheLivesOfYoungPeople

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