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1 minute with Niall McKenna

3rd June 2016


1 Minute with................. 

Name: Niall McKenna

Club: Sarsfields

Favourite Position: Wing Half Forward

Favourite Pitch: Between Semple Stadium or Croke Park.

Hobbies: Golf

Childhood hero: Eoin Kelly

Best Player you have played with: Paul Shiels (Shorty). Man is unreal to watch. 

Best Player you have played against: Tommy Walsh. Marked him in a railway cup game against Leinster. Managed to get 4 points of him but was easily the hardest man I marked. 

Best game you have been involved in: Beating Wexford in the 2013 u21 All Ireland semi-final. 

Best game you have ever seen: Tipperary vs Kilkenny All Ireland final 2010. Lar Corbett scored a hat trick. 

Best trainer within the squad: Has to be Clyde. He has a warm up before he does his actual warm up. 

Worst trainer within the squad: Simon Mc Crory. All he wants to do is try and cut clarkey in two. 

Worst training drill:  Pressure drills 2 men fighting for the ball.

Best motivator within the squad: For me would be Neal McAuley. I'm not much for getting pumped up before a game few sensible words does it. 

Pre Match meal: Chicken pasta. 

Any superstitions: Too many.

Favourite Song: Return of the Mack never gets old. 

Favourite Film: Step Brothers

Favourite Holiday Destination: Thailand

Favourite Drink: Lucozade Orande

Favourite Meal: Steak, champ and peppered sauce.

Best advice ever received: Always hurl hard and fair. (Granda)

Biggest influence on career: Family but to pick one would be my Granda again. 

Club Volunteer of note: Paul Barr. Nothing goes on without him knowing about it. 

Song you listen to before big games: Just listen to a playlist.

Most important skill: Shooting

Biggest Strength in your game: Catching

Area of your game you would like to improve: Blocking

Which club do you like to see do well apart from your own: Rossa. 

Which county do you like to see do well apart from your own: Tipperary.

Advice for youngsters: Make sure you enjoy it and listen to your managers. 

Young Player within your club to look out for: Jack Daniels, best attitude I have seen in a player in a long time. 

Best thing about the GAA: The friends you make. 

Twitter Account: @Niallmckenna5 

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