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Wexford 1-10 Antrim 0-09

4th February 2019


Wexford 1-10 Antrim 0-09

Report from the saffron gael

Lenny Harbinson’s men having only lost out by the minimum to the visiting Derry men, took the long journey South to meet up with the ‘Yellowbellies’ in expectancy.

However, despite looking in a good place when the home side were reduced in number early in the second half the Saffron’s failed to make use of their numerical advantage and the weather conditions.


Nothing separated the sides in the opening period and a good Patrick Gallagher last minute point had ensured the Antrim men were on terms at the break. However in the second half the Saffrons could not push on, despite have the breeze at their backs and in the end came up short by four points.

Ryan Murray opened the Saffron account when he despatched between the posts in the 2nd minute and although the home side were quick to respond in kind when centre forward Jonathan Bealin followed suit, Patrick Mc Bride’s 6thth minute effort restored the Antrim lead.

Wexford, who were relegated from the third grade at the end of the 2018 had surprisingly lost out to Leitrim in round one but they gained advantage by the 10th minute when Cathal Devaroux and Conor Devitt raised back to back whites but a Patrick Mc Bride 16th minute effort which sailed between the posts saw Antrim draw abreast again.

The opening quarter had looked lively enough with little separating the sides and after another Ryan Murray point secured advantage for the visitors the home side stood slightly taller in their defensive duties for a time.

Glen Malone strode forward from his defensive duties to restore parity and when Kevin O’Grady added another after a period in which chances were wasted, the home side looked like they were heading to the dressing room with a narrow lead.

The Antrim men were to give further employment for the scoreboard attendant however and an injury time point from Patrick Gallagher ensured his side were on terms, 0-05 to 0-05, as the match official signalled an end to the first period.

All to play for as the second period commenced but with the home side having to replace their corner man John Turbitt, who had taken a knock nearing the end of the opening period with a replacement, and being further reduced shortly after the restart when Glen Malone received a red card the pendulum seemed to have swung in favour of the Antrim men.

Indeed those who had travelled in support of the Glensmen were given a further boost shortly after when Stephen Beatty raised a 42nd minute white flag to see the visitors nip ahead.

The home side having endured a series of reversals were not behind for long however and when Michael O’Rogan, who had replaced the stricken John Turbitt signalled arrival with a 43rd minute goal the ‘major’ score saw the home side regain advantage which they were not again to lose.

The Saffron’s introduced Matthew Fitzpatrick and Kevin Quinn into the game and the latter signalled arrival with a 54th minute point which cancelled out an earlier Wexford score a couple of minutes earlier.

The home side looked in charge of proceedings and replied to a Patrick Gallagher point in the 60th with another Jonathan Bealin score to ensure the four point margin was restored when he sent a 30 metre free between the posts in the 63rd minute.

Time was running out for the visitors but a 67th minute Ryan Murray point, delivered from away out on the right hand side kept the flame of hope alive for the Saffron’s but an injury time Jonathan Bealin point eased the home side across the winning line, valuable points secured with a 1-10 to 0-09 winning margin.

Wexford: Conor Swaine, Michael Furlong, Martin O’ Connor, Conor Carty, Glen Malone (0-01), Shane Doyle, Brian Malone, Barry O’ Connor, Niall Hughes, Kevin O’ Grady (0-01), Jonathan Bealin (0-05), Conor Devitt (0-01), Eoghan Nolan, Cathal Deveroux (0-01), John Turbitt


Michael O’ Rogan (1-00)

Ben Brosnan (0-01) for C Deveroux

Daithi Waters for B O’ Connor

Antrim: Andrew Hasson, Patrick Mc Cormick, Ricky Johnston, Patrick Gallagher (0-02), Niall Delargy, Michael Mc Carry, Declan Lynch, Mark Sweeney, Fiontan Burke, Stephen Beatty (0-01), Ruairi Mc Cann, Patrick Mc Bride (0-01), Colum Duffin, Martin Johnston, Ryan Murray (0-04)


Matthew Fitzpatrick for F Burke

Kevin Quinn (0-01) for S Beatty

Ruairi A Mc Cann for C Duffin

Referee Alan Kissane

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