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8th February 2016



After two rounds over successive weekends, the Allianz Football League heads for a break, with the next action scheduled for February 27th - 28th. Ulster teams lead the way in three of the four divisions. Donegal are ahead of Dublin on scoring average in Division 1; Tyrone and Derry top Division 2 while Antrim lead Division 4 on scoring difference from Louth. Ulster counties are bottom of Divisions 1 (Down) and 2 (Armagh) while Westmeath are last in Division 3. London prop up in Division 4, having lost their first two games with an inferior scoring difference to Leitrim and Waterford who are also without a point so far in their Allianz Football League campaign.

Here’s how promoted/relegated teams have fared so far:

·Allianz Football League Division 1: Roscommon and Down came up this season. Roscommon have won one of two, while Down have lost twice.

·Allianz Football League Division 2: Derry and Tyrone, who were relegated last April, have both won their first two games. Fermanagh and Armagh came up from Division 3. Fermanagh have won one of two games while Armagh have lost both.

·Allianz Football League Division 3: Kildare and Westmeath were relegated from Division 2. Kildare have made a good starting, winning both games, while Westmeath have lost twice. Promote sides Longford and Offaly have each won one of two games.

·Allianz Football League Division 4: Louth and Wexford dropped down last year. Louth have won their two opening games while Wexford have won one and lost one.



Round 1: Dublin 2-14 Kerry 0-14: Donegal 3-15 Down 0-7; Cork 1-18 Mayo 0-12; Monaghan 2-10 Roscommon 1-9.
Round 2: Dublin 0-9 Mayo 0-7; Roscommon 0-14 Kerry 1-10; Donegal 2-14 Cork 1-7; Monaghan 0-13 Down 0-11.

Round 3: Feb 27: Dublin v Monaghan; Feb 28: Cork v Roscommon; Donegal v Mayo; Down v Kerry.
Round 4: Mar 5: Dublin v Cork; Mar 6: Roscommon v Down; Kerry v Donegal; Monaghan v Mayo.
Round 5: Mar 12: Down v Dublin; Mar 13: Cork v Monaghan; Mayo v Kerry; Donegal v Roscommon.
Round 6: Mar 26: Dublin v Donegal; Mar 27: Cork v Down; Monaghan v Kerry; Roscommon v Mayo.
Round 7: Apr 3: Kerry v Cork; Mayo v Down; Monaghan v Donegal; Roscommon v Dublin.
Semi-finals: Apr 10: 1 v 4; 2 v 3.
Final: Apr 24


Round 1: Meath 1-10 Armagh 0-8; Tyrone 0-10 Cavan 0-8; Galway 3-12 Laois 1-10; Derry 3-13 Fermanagh 1-9.
Round 2: Laois 1-13 Armagh 0-15; Derry 1-12 Cavan 1-11; Tyrone 1-11 Galway 1-9; Fermanagh 0-10 Meath 0-6.

Feb 27: Armagh v Fermanagh; Feb 28: Derry v Galway; Meath v Cavan; Laois v Tyrone.
Round 4: Mar 5: Cavan v Armagh; Tyrone v Derry; Mar 6: Galway v Meath;; Fermanagh v Laois.
Round 5: Mar 12: Fermanagh v Cavan; Mar 13: Laois v Derry; Armagh v Galway; Meath v Tyrone.
Round 6: Mar 26: Tyrone v Armagh; Mar 27: Cavan v Laois; Galway v Fermanagh; Derry v Meath.
Apr 3: Armagh v Derry; Cavan v Galway; Fermanagh v Tyrone; Laois v Meath.
Final: Apr 24: 1 v 2


Round 1: Clare 1-11 Sligo 0-7; Limerick 1-12 Tipperary 2-9; Offaly 0-12 Longford 0-10; Kildare 2-9 Westmeath 0-11.
Round 2: Kildare 1-12 Offaly 1-8; Longford 0-13 Limerick 1-8; Sligo 1-11 Westmeath 1-10; Tipperary 2-7 Clare 1-7.
Round 3: Feb 28: Longford v Kildare; Offaly v Sligo; Westmeath v Tipperary; Limerick v Clare.
Round 4: Mar 6: Tipperary v Offaly; Clare v Westmeath; Kildare v Limerick; Sligo v Longford.
Round 5: Mar 12: Limerick v Westmeath; Mar 13: Kildare v Sligo; Longford v Tipperary; Offaly v Clare.
Round 6: Mar 27: Clare v Longford; Sligo v Limerick; Westmeath v Offaly; Tipperary v Kildare.
Round 7: Apr 3: Kildare v Clare; Limerick v Offaly; Longford v Westmeath; Sligo v Tipperary.


Round 1: Louth 2-9 London 0-9; Antrim 1-12 Carlow 0-10; Wexford 0-14 Leitrim 1-10; Wicklow 0-13 Waterford 1-8.
Round 2: Carlow 4-4 London 1-11; Antrim 1-8 Wexford 0-7; Louth 1-10 Waterford 1-9; Wicklow 0-10 Leitrim 1-6

Round 3: Feb 28: Wexford v London; Antrim v Leitrim; Carlow v Waterford; Louth v Wicklow

Round 4: Mar 5: Waterford v Wexford; Mar 6: Leitrim v Louth; London v Antrim; Wicklow v Carlow.
Round 5: Mar 13: London v Leitrim; Antrim v Waterford; Carlow v Louth; Wexford v Wicklow.
Round 6: Mar 27: Waterford v London; Leitrim v Carlow; Louth v Wexford; Wicklow v Antrim.
Round 7: Apr 3: Antrim v Louth; London v Wicklow; Waterford v Leitrim; Wexford v Carlow.

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