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Club Volunteer Profile- Debbie Murray

19th June 2018


Club Volunteer Profile- 

Club Name :  Colin Gaels

Volunteer Name : Debbie Murray

What is their role at the club?

Fundamentals Co-ordinator.
Social Media facilitator.
How long have they been doing the role for?

3 years

What do they enjoy most about volunteering at the club?

Seeing the children grow in ability from walking into the club at 4 years of age to pulling on a jersey with such pride to take to the field for a match.

What is their most memorable moment or successful achievement at the club?

Seeing children coming out of themselves, arriving at the club hiding behind their parents to evolving into leaders at 5 and 6 and taking the hand of new starts who experience the same anxieties as they use to.

Is there anything they think the GAA need to improve to help the clubs and their volunteers?

More smaller and regular coaching workshops spread throughout the year.

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