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10 Minutes with the TS Express

12th May 2016


10 Minutes with the TS Express

Name: Tony Scullion 

Club Cargin 

Favourite Position: Number 5 

Favourite Pitch: our own big field 

Hobbies: Cuttin turf 

Childhood hero: Big Jack Brown 

Best Player you have played with: Pat Hughes (O D’s) 

Best Player you have played against: Brian Dooher

Best game you have been involved in: Antrim V Kerry 

Best game you have ever seen: Cargin v Sean Stinsons in an u12 final 

Best trainer within the squad: James Loughery 

Worst trainer within the squad: Patrick McBride 

Worst training drill: Triangles 

Best motivator within the squad: Kieran Close 

Pre Match meal: chicken curry with fried rice 

Any superstitions: never leave work early 

Favourite Song: only our rivers run free 

Favourite Film: braveheart 

Favourite Holiday Destination: giants causeway on a rainy day, sure to get parked...

Favourite Drink: BPM Favourite Meal: Curry pot noodle before training when there is no time for the spuds 

Best advice ever received: Baker told me never to shoot, “there is givers and there is takers… and your not a taker, so it tis” 

Biggest influence on career: Being introduced to Pat Hughes 

Club Volunteer of note: Kevin Neeson, an unsung hero of Toome 

Song you listen to before big games: the rattle of the lister engine slowing down on the mixer 

Most important skill: work rate 

Biggest Strength in your game: still trying to fine one 

Area of your game you would like to improve: passing with the outside of the left boot 

Which club do you like to see do well apart from your own: Ballinderry shamrocks 

Which county do you like to see do well apart from your own: Mayo 

Advice for youngsters: pray that all the modern dung is taken from the game that has been introduced over the recent years and by the time your at seniors you will again be allowed to play the game as it should be… enjoyable, less tactical, less pressure, less training, more kicking, more matches (the list can go on) 

Young Player within your club to look out for:Mark Keegan 

Best thing about the GAA: the people you meet along the way 

Twitter Account: @tonyscullion5 

Facebook Account: Tony Scullion

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