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1 Minute with Paddy McCormick

11th August 2017


1 Minute with................. 

>Name: Paddy McCormick 

>Club:  St Ergnats GAC, Moneyglass

>Position: Half back 

>Favourite Pitch played on: Croke Park 

>If you could invite 3 people to dinner - Alive or dead. Who would you invite? I'll take three dinners with Selena Gomez 

>Best Player you have played with: Kevin Brady's brother Liam 

>Best Player you have played against: Darragh Moynihan 

>Best game you have been involved in: Hogan Semi Final 2016

>Best game you have ever seen: Kerry vs Dublin All-Ireland Semi Final 2013 

>Best trainer within the squad: Ryan Doyle (Fish) 

>Worst training drill: Running 

>Favourite Song: Chris Brown-Forever

>Favourite Film: PS I love you

>Favourite Holiday Destination: Sligo 

>Best advice ever received: Hugh Carey " that was a tough session lads, using my cryospa would do no harm" 

>Biggest influence on club career: My Mammy and Daddy 

>Club Volunteer of note: Mothers and Others 

>Biggest Strength in your: Shooting 

>Which club would you like to see do well apart from your own: Ahoghill 

>Young Player within your club to look out for: Connlaodh McCann and Tiernan McCormack 

>Best thing about the GAA:  The craic 

>In 10 years time your club will: Senior Champions 

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