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1 minute with Odhran McFadden

4th June 2016


1 Minute with................. 

Name: Odhran McFadden

Club: Loughgiel Shamrocks

Favourite Position: Centre Half Back

Favourite Pitch: Casement Park #buildcasement

Hobbies: Try the hand at a bit of golf and love going to the that a hobby?

Childhood hero: Seanie McMahon

Best Player you have played with: Liam Watson

Best Player you have played against: Jackie Tyrell

Best game you have been involved in: 2013 Antrim County Final, it was just one of those days when everything went well for us

Best game you have ever seen: 2013 All Ireland final, the drawn game between Clare and Cork

Best trainer within the squad: Conor McKinley (And not because his da picks the team)

Worst trainer within the squad: Ciaran Clarke, usually found hitting frees at the other end

Worst training drill: Circle of death (don't ask)

Best motivator within the squad: Tony "Intensity" McCloskey

 Pre Match meal: Salmon, rice and green beans

 Any superstitions:  At least 45 minutes of stretching, foam rolling and activation before a match.

Favourite Song: Grace, The Dubliners

Favourite Film: The Usual Suspects

 Favourite Holiday Destination: Holidays...what are those?

 Favourite Drink: Orange Miwadi

 Favourite Meal: Italian

Best advice ever received: "Think about your best ever game and replicate that" Jim Nelson

Biggest influence on career: Mother and Father

Club Volunteer of note: Paul"Chin" Gillan

Song you listen to before big games: A bit of old skool dance or Kanye West

Most important skill: Catching

Biggest Strength in your game: Reading the breaks

Area of your game you would like to improve: Shooting

Which club do you like to see do well apart from your own: Loughgiel Camogie Club

Which county do you like to see do well apart from your own: Donegal

Advice for youngsters: Never give up

Young Player within your club to look out for: Shan McGrath and James McNaughton

 Best thing about the GAA: The passionate supporters

Twitter Account: @odhran08

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