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5th December 2016

Re aghagallon supporter That "training pitch" is better than most pitches in the county ,name any other pitch that could hold two matches in December our facilities are second to none in Antrim and if all we are missing is a second score board it just proves we are well ahead of anywhere else in Antrim .

Aghagallon man

5th December 2016

I thought Cargin did a great job of hosting the game. I didn't hear any complaints from any other Aghagallon suppporters either. Well done Cargin!

Aghagallon supporter

5th December 2016

Ref green machine, If you read my comment I mentioned the location and the lack of score board and not the actual pitch itself. I agree that all volunteers do a great job but I can certainly express an opinion as I felt a county final should at least have a score board. The match was not played on the main pitch for some reason and I feel strongly that another venue could have been used.


5th December 2016

In fairness to aghagallen supporter , the venue for the game wasn't great , would have been better in Belfast IMO. Playing 2 games on the same pitch this time of year back to back is not ideal and I think it shouldnt have been a double header. Well done to Cargin for hosting it , and well done to Aghagallen for winning.

Green Machine

4th December 2016

Aghagallon supporter. I would ask you to please rectract your comment about the pitch. This was the pitch that held an NFL game, numerous championship games in all codes this season. Let's show some respect to the people who work so hard to have it ready.

Yes we agree. 

Well done Cargin  yesterday. ! 


4th December 2016

Will there be live periscoping from the county convention ?

No periscoping at convention 

Aghagallon supporter

4th December 2016

Well done to Aghagallon on winning a treble this season, a fantastic achievement. Just a note though on today's venue as there was no scoreboard and the location was awful in relation to the 4 teams playing. The standard of venues available and we get a training pitch.


4th December 2016

Any comment on the Irish News story about members of CB seemingly undermining democratic process?

No.  clubs decide what happens at convention every year. 

Shocked saffron

4th December 2016

I am in shock about what I'm reading about county officers sending out a text to clubs telling them who to vote For. This is not what people want for this county: people want a fair and democratic vote, not one that is rigged. I hope that clubs at convention give their opinions on this because I don't think this kind of behaviour is what we Need. Absolutely shocking .

Face doesn't fit?

3rd December 2016

We ( GAA) all are signed up and signed off - governed by policies of fairness and being inclusive- non discriminatory on a range of principles? But all that goes out the window when we want our man in ; we want that young player to play for us and so on... Play by the book - that is why it is there..


2nd December 2016

I would. Like to take this opportunity to say that I have never heard of county officers acting in the way they have concerning the elections at the upcoming convention. It is not right and I hope the clubs do not respond to their wishes. Well done Jim Murray you have kept your dignity when others have not

Hurler on the ditch

2nd December 2016

I agree with sentiments expressed by sideline view. People are elected to do a job - to 'represent' or maybe 're-present' - it is not about a self selecting grouping after they are in post. Each person is just in post on a voluntary basis for 1 year and there is a democratic means set down to give us the team to represent us. No that is bad form- bad practice. And it is happening at club level also. Was it called 'group think'?

sideline view

1st December 2016

I would just like to pay tribute to Jim Murry, who has resigned as County Dev Officer for his many years of hard work of Antrim GAA, this follows a message sent out on behalf of our County's Officers, prompting Clubs to vote at Convention for another candidate. Do those at the top in our County not trust the Club's to make their own minds up without such intervention, it seems to me that our current County Board should be mindful that the GAA is a grounds up organisation, and in many cases do not like to be pushed in certain directions by those who think they know better, the good will shown to Saffron Vision at last years AGM will soon disapate if those in power start to dictate to Club's. Personally i feel that our County Officers should not be getting involved in our democratic process by favouring one candidate over another, which in effect underminds the other, not only have they done this with the position of Club Dev Officer, hence Jim Murray resigation, but thay have also named those they wish to see successful in the vote for the Ulster Delegate's job. This type of interjection by our County Board leaves me with a uneasy feeling and asking the question " Is there any room for a dissenting voice at the center of Antrim GAA". If this is the case and there are no dissenting voices at the top table in Antrim, where are the Checks and Balances, and the accountability in the day to day running of our County. This is not an attack on the Current County Board, it is more of a reminder that Club's can only be lead by concensus. The essence of good leadership is knowing when to step forward with opinions, but also knowing when to step back and not express any opinion.


29th November 2016

Interesting comments for consideration by GAA President re playing of National Anthem and flying of Tricolour. I don't know what the percentage is when there is neither flag nor anthem played at gaelic games?


28th November 2016

Good luck to our 3 acts who are Taking part in the Ulster semi final of Scór na nÓg on Saturday in Killeavy. We are very proud to hold 3 county Scór titles in Léiriú, Rince foirne and bailéad ghrúpa. #aontroimabú #upthegs

Ádh mór oraibh uilig! Bainigí sult as an deis iontach Seo . Good luck from everyone in Antrim. #saffrons