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20th April 2017

Will be the county be offering any scholarships for the Gaeltacht for this years summers courses. Other Ulster counties have just released some with deadline in the next few weeks.

Email Bronagh Lennon. Bronagh's details are on the website.


20th April 2017

Just to alert supporters attending the Antrim v Carlow match at Network Cullen Park on Saturday that Carlow also play Kildare there in the first round of the Leinster Minor Football Championship at 1pm. Hope the pitch is in good order. Allow extra time for traffic and parking. Come down and support Antrim, make a lot of noise. Antrim exile

Yes we hope there will be a large saffron support at the game.

Are you aware ?

14th April 2017

Servasport Fixtures System is down - Cant see the fixtures

Yes- Its down, we have informed servasport. We haven't got any feedback as to when it will be up.

Ramey mc kenna

13th April 2017

Any word on venue and match time for the christy ring game against carlow on the 22nd

It will be played at the  Netwatch Cullen Park. Time to be confirmed.

Manny Hawthorne

6th April 2017

Hello to all, so I came across the Antrim GPA by way of Facebook. Formerly I lived in Antrim, Carrickfergus, now living in Canada, and would very much like to keep in touch and support the club. If you could send me some information and add me to your newsletter, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you Manny

Follow our website for the latest news and twitter @AontroimGAA 


2nd April 2017

Even though the fixtures aren't out yet for the new Div 3/4 can we assume the dates of the matches will be the same as previously listed?

Details are now out regarding Div 3/4

tony dougan

30th March 2017

Where can I read about Antrim hurling managers thoughts/comments on hurling dying in Belfast..

No idea.


30th March 2017

Good luck to St John the Baptist primary school boys gaelic footballers who qualified for next week's Raffo Cup final, 1st time in 20 years. Good luck also to the girls gaelic football team of SJB who also qualified for the A final first time in the schools history, both games at woodlands Friday 7 April.

Good luck all!

Aislinn Elliott

30th March 2017

Good luck to both Antrim teams this weekends, lets make Antrim great!!

#Agreed 👌👍

football fan

29th March 2017

I agree with you admin,Sundays match against Longford is a huge match for our senior footballers. I would say its far more important than the championship so lets get as many supporters along to Corrigan as we can. In a tight game the roar of the crowd can make all the difference.

Its undoubtably the biggest match of the year for our footballers.

 It would be tremendous to consolidate our position in Divison 3! 

The lads need the 16th man. Lets make our way to Corrigan Park. 




29th March 2017

ANY WORD ON DIV 3/4 FIXTURES you said on 24/03/17 that would be out very soon ? 1st match 12/04/17 is that still on ? people have changed work shifts etc for this fixture can you confirm ? im sure the Monday meeting should have the answers to these questions

The CCCC are working on the fixtures.

Club player

26th March 2017

Was in Armagh last night to watch a great display by the Saffrons. Was looking forward to next Sunday's winner takes all game against Longford however me and other club players will miss the big game due to club league games next week. Surely these club games should be played before or after the county game to ensure maximum support at Corrigan Park. Can common sense prevail and sort this out please.

Yes, if the games can be arranged for earlier in the day and agreed between both teams than that will be fine. Contact the CCCC directly with agreement. 

It would be great to have a large support at this Sundays game in what is a massive game of our Senior Footballers.


24th March 2017

any date when new fixture list will be available for div3/4 hurling ... looking to book holidays totally unfair that we don't have any dates of even confirmation of home matches to get pitches sorted

They are due out very soon.


20th March 2017

In response to the "St. Paul's find it below themselves to play in Div 4" comment. I find that comment very offensive and misleading. Im not one for tit-for-tat, but feel obliged to defend my club. A proposal was put forward, and as per our right, we didn't agree. We put forward another proposal which thankfully was agreed. On that note if our proposal hadnt been accepted, we would have been more than willing to play in division 4.

Ciarán Mc Cavana

15th March 2017

Changing Hurling leagues just before they are planned to start and after fixtures had been provide is unprofessional to say the least. Let's call this as it is, Div 3 and 4 have now been lumped together because Naomh Pól thought is was below themselves to play div 4 hurling. As a player in my later years with my own club Naomh Eanna we struggled to get out of div 4 , always seeming to be one game short of winning the league, we built the juvenile structures and over time it started to pay off, we got promoted to div 3 and won it in 2015, but the county restructured the league so no promotion to Div 2, last year we we fell just short of promotion to div 2, but felt senior hurling was going in the correct direction with reaching IMH final last year. Now due to county change of mind we are back at the bottom tier of Hurling in Antrim. Where there will be teams who are struggling to keep hurling alive getting beat by cricket scores. The new county board when lobbying support stated that it would be a level playing field for all, it seems to be that certain individuals in clubs, who wouldn't know one end of a Hurl from the other have homed there skills to manipulate county meetings, it is up to the county Chairperson to be the gate keeper for all clubs not just the boy's in the know? And for my final say , over the years as a club delegate and a club chairperson , i always thought the county convention was were these changes we mandated to take place , but i am sure one of the rule book brigade will be able to highlight some line in the official guide to prove me wrong.