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Sylvia Kilcline

17th February 2017

Congratulations to all involved in the hosting and staging of this year's Scór na nÓg All-Ireland Final last Saturday! It was clear to see the effort that had been put in and the result? A wonderful show! Maith Sibh!


16th February 2017

Hi now Valentine's Day is out of the way , do you know when fixtures for 2017 will be published ? Cheers

I got no cards 😭 For valentines!

I'm sure the CCCC will furnish soon.

Aontroim abú

15th February 2017

Well done to everyone who helped out and competed at the Scór na nÓg All Ireland final at the weekend! What a fantastic showcase of the country's talent. Maith sibh!

Great feedback! Thank you.

Scor buzz

14th February 2017

Well done everyone from Antrim, led by Bronagh Lennon, who worked their socks off behind the scenes to make the All Ireland Scor na n'Og Final in the Waterfront a huge success. Hard work is breathing new life into Scor in Antrim.

Yes well done to Bronagh & all involved!

A massive success for Antrim to host.


culture vulture

14th February 2017

What a great event for Antrim on Saturday in The Waterfront. The Scor na nOg all Ireland was fantastic. Just goes to show how alive out culture is in this country. More antrim clubs need to get involved in this!

It was a fantastic event indeed. 


9th February 2017

Will the championship draws be live on peri ?

If i get a signal..possible.

Sean Duffin

8th February 2017

Just wondering when are the championship draws out- planning a holiday with my wife and kids. Big year for the TNN

Draw will take place next Monday evening 


5th February 2017

I attended a CPD session Saturday morning 9am in Creggan organised by GPO Alfie Hannaway. It was focusing on systems of play, it was all practical and interactive for attending coaches. Well Done! Paul Mc Iver was the guest coach. Paul was superb, the session itself was superb. The talent on show from our dev squads were superb in terrible conditions. I will definitely use games, games , games when coaching. Best CPD I have been to in years. Keep up the work Antrim coaches/staff

Well done Alfie Hannaway & team. Great feedback. 

Jude whyte

5th February 2017

Very proud of my county board last weekend..very proud a credit at last to us all..well done


4th February 2017

I know there are concerns about children going on to pitches at half time but it is something special for them. And it might damage our good pitches and this and that...! When we had poor playing surfaces and poor facilities there was no such thing as not being allowed on to the field. Now stay off the pitch - don't use the pitch - make sure the gates are secured. Seems like the organisers got it right in Corrigan last Sunday and there were plenty of people on the pitch today in Thurles.


3rd February 2017

When will the fixtures be released there has to be date when fixtures will be done up or championship draw

No idea as of yet. 

Maybe ask your club delegate to ask at Monday night's county meeting.

Déaglán Coleman

3rd February 2017

Great article on today's Irish news by Brendan Crossan praising Antrim Gaa and in particular Sean Kelly Pro for facilitating a great experience for the press and spectators at Corrigan on Sunday. Having been there myself I totally endorse what Brendan said. It was clear to see that Sean was a busy man all day and along with other officials ensured everyone got to experience the best of the gaa in terms of access to players and the involvement of kids in the day's events. Wouldn't it be great if the kids could as excited about our county team and have the same level of access in future. I am sure Sean and Antrim Gaa will make this happen. Aontroim Abú

Well said Déaglan, Let's turn that dream into reality - my PR video ! 


2nd February 2017

I would like to congratulate St Johns on an epic day as usual at the weekend your facilities are really second to none, pity ours are not the same. Great weekend.


31st January 2017

Any truth that Corrigan Park will host this years ulster hurling final - following last weeks success and the compliants re the playing surface?

I haven't heard that myself about the Ulster final but the venue was fantastic and well done to St Johns as hosts and for all our hosts of county and club championship  games . 

Congratulations to Creggan who yet again hosted a wonderful U21 competition. #HatsOff


30th January 2017

I attended the mass at Clonard for Fr Alex Reid and I thought it was appropriate the priest prayed for the people that work hard to advance different causes in spite of those that detract and demean. Do not be deterred but be determined and forget the detractors. Antrim abu