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Teamer.net - Notification Service for Clubs

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09 January 2009
Check out the free to use Irish online web service www.teamer.net , that uses sms/texting and e-mail to help ease the headaches of organising your football and hurling teams.

The frustrations of organising games/training from both a time and cost perspective led us to develop and launch www.teamer.net 4 months ago. Teamer saves organisers time and money by automating game/event notifications, sending to both mobile phone and email, and collating all responses in a single team page.

It is a completely FREE to use service, which will be funded by advertising/sponsorship.

Since we launched, more than 2000 Irish team sports organisers have established their teams on Teamer, and we have more than 7000 GAA players getting their weekly game/training notifications form their team organisers in this manner.

We are sure it will make life a whole lot easier for team managers/organisers/mentors in your club.

If you get a chance, have a look around the site, maybe set up a dummy team, and try it out.

We know from our users base that the setting up of a team takes no more than about 10 minutes, but it will be 10 minutes that will save each team organisers many hours each week over the course of the season.

You can view a 1 minute demo of how the site works by clicking on the link http://www.teamer.net/pages/demo . Thanks for your time, and for your support for an indigenous Irish internet start up.