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5th August 2015

See details - dates-venues-times etc of all champioship games except senior hurling. When will these be posted. Ta

As stated on the post with the championship fixtures they will be arranged next Monday after this weekends games.


5th August 2015

Well done to all involved in the development of the new website - great structure, well designed, informative and timely information being provided and pleasing to the eye. Often the standard of Antrim GAA activity and organisation is criticised and rightly so but if all our endeavours matched the quality of the website we'd be in great shape. Small step in the right direction but a very impressive one. Well done again.


5th August 2015

Do our GAA games in Belfast still have an appeal to the communities in which they play? Not sure if the few games that I have seen are representative of attendances but so few people were there as supporters. Maybe right - maybe wrong but within a catchment of tens of thousands of potential supporters there was literally just a couple of handfuls of supporters? Would love to hear that it is different.


5th August 2015

Is there an already agreed procedure for the appointment of managers of County teams within Antrim? Is this public knowledge? Otherwise we probably will have a flurry of press articles that will do little good.

Clubs are asked for nominations. Those nominated are interviewed


4th August 2015

Over the years that we have used outside managers have we improved the capability of others to a standard that they are capable of taking over the reins now? Was that part of the strategy / plan? If we haven't then we need concerted effort to up standard of coaches and potential pool of candidates for management of our County teams?

St galls fan

4th August 2015

Why is the St gall and cargin championship match up in the country again. St galls were drew out first so should it not be in the city (belfast)

There is no 'out of the hat first' rules.

Saffron gael

4th August 2015

Great to see all the championship fixtures up on website well in advance. Not easy to sort out so well done!


4th August 2015

A heartfelt thanks to Kevin Ryan. He had the genuine interests of our hurlers and hurling at the centre of what he was doing. One can only do what one can only do. Thanks for doing what you did for Antrim . Now all of us have to pull together or continue to pull apart to biuild up or tear down. Kevin Ryan will bring his expertise elsewhere to bear fruit. Maybe his greatest contribution is to allow us to take stock and come to terms if it is together we address our situation or continue to do it only in our own club and selfish interests?


4th August 2015

There would be a body of thought that if we got rid of 'the County Manager' got rid of the County Board that we couldn't be any worse of? Those people are needed and the roles and work they do are needed. Criticism is easy but the work we do for ourselves is what matters. We can change it round but no great analysis will come up with a miraculous solution. Nothing without real and genuine effort.


4th August 2015

Are there any dates, times or venues set yet for the senior football quarter finals?? Players and management need to know for work/holiday purposes. Many thanks.

All details are on the Home page of this site.


4th August 2015

Very sad and disappointing news regarding Kevin Ryan's resignation. He came across as a gentleman, a genuine hurling man, and someone who believed in Antrim hurling. Unfortunately it now seems his belief has been at the very least shaken. As a club hurler I think Ryan deserves a big thank you from all hurling people in the county for his efforts to improve our senior hurling team and U21s. It is quite worrying that someone of his pedigree feels that he can't take our senior hurlers any further than where they are now. I'm sure he has his reasons and that his decision has been well thought out. For my part I wish the county board good luck in finding a successor. We need as much good coaching as possible, even if it doesn't mean immediate and short term success. We need to improve our ability to bring our best performances to the games that count. If we can improve our performance level, hopefully successful results will follow suit. Overall, it's not good news that Ryan has quit, and doesn't inject much confidence with regard to the state of Antrim hurling at club and county level.


4th August 2015

When is the next round of the intermediate championship?

Sat 5th Sept for Intermediate Football


3rd August 2015

Any times venue for junior b final

Saturday 8th August 7.00pm at Rossa


3rd August 2015

i see there is a few intermediate hurling championship games on for the weekend 7/08/15 & 08/08/15. but also a full set of games for div 2 league games on 09/08/15.. will league games be called off thanks

Championship games will take prec


3rd August 2015

I was at hannahstown on Saturday night for the Sarsfields/Randalstown game and the glenavy/aghagallon game- just want to mention the referees, I thought both refs were first class and got all the big decisions spot on. too often the referees are the talking points in club games, but credit where credits due on this occasion.

Thank you for positive comments. Referees are the first to tell you they don't get everything right but they can't be done without.